Author: Fredrik Wahlqvist

Marketing based on fact, not fiction

Data driven marketing

The Challenges of Advanced Data-Driven Marketing in Big Brands

Fred Wahlqvist originally wrote this article for Advertising Week 360. Today’s online digital ecosystem presents a host of opportunities for the savvy brand to capitalise on. We live in a digital age, where data is the new currency of our time. But while adopting a vision and a programme for data-driven marketing is top of…
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Get started using behavioural design to drive revenue for your ecommerce store

According to Wikipedia there are over 115 different biases that affect our decision making skills. If you have the responsibility to make your direct to consumer experience profitable, these biases open up a gold mine of opportunities.   Scarcity Bias  For example, today you can’t go to many travel sites without seeing messages like “Only 5 rooms left at this…
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Tech Lead (Full Stack & hands on) for Cutting Edge Data Driven Marketing Agency

About drop_ We are a data driven marketing agency. Our focus is on delivering great data driven marketing, transformations and e-commerce experiences based on insight and data. We do this with established and tested processes. As an agency, we embrace remote working. However, from time to time (monthly pre/post global pandemics) we come together as…
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Why You Need A Data Collection Strategy

Audience first, inside out, market orientation, we all know that some of today’s most successful companies are extremely customer focused. In order to successfully implement a marketing strategy based on this principle, you must first learn what it is that drives your customers to engage with and buy from your brand.   It’s typical to assume that you…
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