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The Challenges of Advanced Data-Driven Marketing in Big Brands

Fred Wahlqvist originally wrote this article for Advertising Week 360. Today’s online digital ecosystem presents a host of opportunities for the savvy brand to capitalise on. We live in a digital age, where data is the new currency of our time. But while adopting a vision and a programme for data-driven marketing is top of…
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Why You Need A Data Collection Strategy

Audience first, inside out, market orientation, we all know that some of today’s most successful companies are extremely customer focused. In order to successfully implement a marketing strategy based on this principle, you must first learn what it is that drives your customers to engage with and buy from your brand.   It’s typical to assume that you…
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5 ways to improve your multi-channel selling strategy

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Multi-Channel Selling Strategy

Creating a successful multi-channel strategy requires continuity and careful planning in order to offer your customers a consistent experience, regardless of the channel they utilise. Literally millions of businesses operate multi-channel sales strategies; this involves listing and selling their products across more than one online sales channel.  Multi-channel sales funnels are basically a “no-brainer”, the more markets you are in (Amazon, eBay etc.) the more sales you will make, however managing this well is the…
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top ten e-commerce optimisation hacks

Top 10 E-Commerce Optimisation Hacks

There are many ways in which you can improve your e-commerce website or app and there are lots of points at which you may lose your potential customer. We have collected our top 10 tips to ensure the best lead to conversion rate!  Using one or two will help, making sure you are doing all of these hacks will make your store…
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6 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation – Processes that can save time and earn money!  Marketing technology is moving at a rapid pace that is enabling businesses to reach more potential customers and better engage existing ones. So, if you are still stuck with excel sheets it’s time to re-examine how you can bring the benefits of marketing automation efficiency to your business. Using…
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Marketing Automation – Why You Should Be Using It…

On average automated emails get far higher open rates, produce increase in click-through rates, and generate a whopping 300% more revenue than standard promotional emails. But how do you get to this 300% increase you ask?  We answer – Use effective automation!   Marketing automation is a powerful tool to engage customers, and marketing teams and consultants are taking…
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Marketing in a Downturn

.. and when we say “unusual” we mean the dreaded R word of Recession.  During 2020 we have witnessed the most unusual of times. The global pandemic response is affecting, and will continue to affect, businesses of all sizes in almost all industries throughout the world.  Since the beginning of the lockdown, there has been…
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