SEO – Simple Tips to improve your Organic Search Engine Reach using Keywords and Links

SEO – Simple Tips to improve your Organic Search Engine Reach using Keywords and Links

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Simple Tips to improve your Organic Search Engine Reach using Keywords and Links

Most people who have a website, whether custom design and hosted or designed from one of the self-build platforms you will know that organic search engine reach is as important as the design and interface itself.

Without putting in effort in to your sites SEO you cannot expect to ever appear high up on the all-important google rankings. Some companies won’t even rank on the first page for their own company name; that is often because their competitors have done such a great job at targeting their SEO that they can even out rank a brand on its own name!

When we talk about organic search engine reach we are not referring to  paying for adds on Google (pay per click) to appear at the top of the page, SEO is the process of organically increasing traffic to your website. Good SEO  is probably the most cost effective way of driving traffic to your website and therefore driving higher brand awareness and increased revenue.

There are many different ways in which you can improve the search engine ranking of your site, here are our sure fire ways to improve your site’s performance. All of which we recommend to our clients as a guaranteed way to increase traffic to your site.

Keywords & Phrases

Keyword/ key phrase research takes a bit of thought and planning  but is a real winner for making sure your site ranks highly. Optimising content with words and phrases that people will actually search for when looking for your business. This may seem obvious that of course you would target the words people would type in to find you, but do you know what those words are?

There are many keyword research tools available online, free and paid – many will allow you to see what your competitors are ranking highly for, therefore giving you a guide for what prospective customers are looking for.  However, probably the most simple way of nailing down your keywords and phrases is to make a list of all the possible combinations of things your prospective customers would use to find you. Including geographical locations, product descriptors, business and industry specific terms.

Once you have made a shortlist of your keywords and phrases you can then write the pages within your website, or your blog, targeting those specifics.

Within your website there are differing levels of text and you should ensure that your key phrases are in all levels; Header, Sub Header and Body Text. All of these should include some variant of your chosen key phrases. Another little keywording tip is to edit the file names of your images and ‘alt text’ to include a keyword or phrase. Images are also searchable and therefore putting effort in to sourcing high quality images and labelling them appropriately is also worth the effort.

Web Listings and Back Links

Whilst most organic search engine reach improvements are made on your website ensuring your site is listed on other sites around the web is also a major factor in SEO.

Registering your site with all available index listings  – sometimes called ‘citations’ – that are relevant to your business (both local, national and international). Ensuring the correct address, business details and a keyword enhanced summary of the services you provide will mean that you get the best possible return from listings on indexes such as, and

You may have heard the term “backlinks” when talking about SEO ranking; backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. Search engines consider backlinks endorsements for a specific page or site. Pages with a large number of links to it tend to have high organic search engine rankings. Occasionally backlinks can damage your sites ranking, so focusing on high quality backlinks from reputable sites. Linking to well-known highly thought of sites and having that link back to you is worth it’s weight in backlink gold. Links to your content, ideally blogs, images and videos that can be considered high value content.

Social Media works in the same way, linking your company profiles on all the major social networks to your website ensures that not only are people able to interact with you socially but that your social profile will list your business within the search engines. Often your social media profiles will appear above your web listing in search engines so detailed information and regular posting of sharable content about your business helps build trust and an understanding of what you do and where you do it. Search engines rank highly on these factors so putting effort in to enhancing this content with your key phrases is again a big SEO plus point.

Search engines use this information along with information on your business to help build trust and an understanding of what you do and where you do it. Don’t skimp on the detail or key words!

If all this sounds a bit daunting but you know your site needs SEO work, please contact us! We have a team of skilled individuals from Keyword Content Creators to Social Media Experts.